Hello there, I am Rob Schäfer, I am a military historian, published author and researcher, specialising in the experience of the German soldier in war and peacetime, with a particular focus on the ego-documents, i.e. autobiographies, diaries and letters, he left behind. I am particularly interested in the human experience of war in the modern period. Some know me as the creator, creative soul and former historical editor of Iron Cross Magazine, some will know me from twitter as @germilhistory. Or you might have come across one of my books, or some of the many features I write for specialist magazines world-wide. I also do quite a bit of TV and media work, although mostly behind and not in front of the camera.

What is The Iron Time?

Like no other country in Europe, Germany’s experience has been shaped and defined by the sword. In the 18th century, Prussia became a super power through force of arms, its army admired and emulated around the world. A century later, in 1871, a Germany united by a series of wars, was born in the flames of another. In the 20th century, this new Germany, in a period of only 30 years, challenged and shook the world twice in two terrible wars which defined the 20th century and the world we live in today. In the last three centuries, German troops have fought against and alongside the forces of most major powers in Europe and beyond. The history of Germany is military history written in capital letters. The Iron Time illuminates the German experience of war, the stories and anecdotes, the equipment, innovations and (of course) people in an unvarnished, objective, exciting manner and, filling a void which has long existed in the world of military history publishing. Mind you, The Iron Time will deliver no awestruck, mindless appreciation of the German Army. It will not shy away from discussing the darker side of the subject matter, the Second World War and the crimes of Nazi Germany and the active involvement and complicity of all branches of the German armed forces in the criminal efforts and deeds of the national socialist regime.

With The Iron Time, I am finally free to write and publish without the constraints defined by purely profit-driven goals and I am able to extend the historical period covered, beyond that of the First and the Second World Wars. In addition to brand-new content, I will be able to republish features, which I have written for other periodicals (my own included), in unedited, unabridged, full-length form. Quality over quantity!

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Military historian, author, media adviser, producer. Creator and former historical editor of Iron Cross Magazine. Latest book: BLOOD, DUST AND SNOW More about me here: https://robschaefer-historian.com/about/